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A Safe Online Space Where We Go Deep Together On The Fundamentals Of Deep Self Love And Acceptance

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Tuesday 3rd of September

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Angela Legh

Self Love Advocate and
your Accepting Yourself workshop Hostess ;-)
Hi! I'm Angela Legh!

I look around and see the beauty in every woman. It is not always what society would deem beautiful. Sometimes it is a depth of color in her hair, sometimes it is a nice smile, sometimes it is a sparkle in her eyes. Sometimes it is what's in her heart. Each and every one of us is beautiful in our own, unique way.  

The mass media has been messaging women on the negative aspects of their looks; encouraging us to buy products so we can look better. Society and the media sell us on the idea that if we look like their models, we are beautiful. With modern photoshop techniques, even the models they use cannot look like the images we are force fed.

What we can learn to do is accept ourselves 
as we are. If we throw out what society thinks, and focus on our strengths; we can 
grow to value our own beauty.

This is why I am SO excited and passionate about this Accepting Yourself workshop. It's time for a self love revolution, and I'm so honored to have you along on this journey with me.
What if...
What if there was a way for you to accept yourself, just as you are; to learn to love yourself and appreciate your natural gifts? What if you could step into the world, feeling like you matter, knowing with confidence that your choice about how you look is the right choice for you?

What if you looked in the mirror in the morning and saw features that you appreciate? 

Creating a ritual for yourself that nourishes you so that you can take your best self into the world, to bless the world with your natural gifts.

Learning a number of tools and techniques that you can select from; ones that fit your needs; that will help you find self-acceptance.

Thinking about joining me for the live Accepting Yourself workshop?
These beautiful women did - check out what they had to say...

"Today was brilliant...well worth every penny. Angela has such an amazing gift when it comes to teaching others how to truly love themselves and learn more about themselves"

- Jennifer Riordan

"This workshop was amazing, life changing! The things you learn here are so critical to our happiness and how we show up in the world"

- Lisa Burleson

"Today was enlightening.  I had no idea that I could learn so much about loving and accepting myself!"

- Tina Keefer

STOP!  So, What Are These “Accepting Yourself” Workshops All About...
And What Do We Actually Get Done in our 2 Hours Together?
Somatic Intelligence Exercises
Somatic Intelligence is imbedded in our inherent physical nature, it is the intelligence of our physical bodies. Learn the fundamental keys to being able to soothe yourself after times of stress, anger, fear, and sadness. 

Personal Breakthrough Strategies
We go through some of my absolute favorite strategies and techniques to break through any limiting beliefs 
and thoughts that might be 
holding you back from loving and accepting yourself fully as 
the beautiful being that you are! 
EFT Tapping Breakdown
Together we'll go through a powerful EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) example plus a script that you can reuse at any time you feel the need to self sooth. EFT has been used for over 5000 years and is an incredible form of psychological acupressure.